How to Share Twitter Videos on Instagram

Twitter screenshots are EVERYWHERE. They fill meme pages on Facebook and Instagram. They make up huge subreddits like r/whitepeopletwitter, r/blackpeopletwitter, and my favorite, r/bikinibottomtwitter.

Tweets are great. They pack a quick punch perfect for people scrolling by on social. But most of the best Tweets out there have a video or GIF attached. And since you can’t screenshot a video, until now, it has been impossible to easily share these Twitter posts on Instagram. And that’s a real shame, because videos get up to 40% more engagement than photos on Instagram. Collectively, we’re missing out on a ton of great content because video and GIF Tweets can’t be easily shared.

Screenshot of a Tweet
Typical screenshot of a Tweet. Not great…

I built a better way with, the one-stop shop for posting Tweets to Instagram. Check out the result:

Squawk is dead simple to use. Copy the URL of the Tweet you want to post to Instagram and paste it into the input field on the Squawk product page. Click “Order for Free”, wait a few seconds, et voilà, you’ll get a video of your Tweet that’s ready to share on Instagram.

Head to Squawk on Floom to get started.

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